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Engaging the right SEO agency will allow you to get a fusion of experience. Each member of the team brings something unique to the mix. Reboot campaigns rely on the four fundamentals of digital marketing: SEO, digital PR, social media, and content, together to boost your brand's ranking on results of searches (SERPs), organic traffic, and sales/inquiries.


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With a dynamic and innovative team and a solid foundation of experience, expertise, and knowledge, Wish is an award-winning SEO agency that provides top-quality SEO service to a worldwide clientele. The company is based in Leeds and London. Our SEO team is comprised of a broad variety of skilled skills.
We draw on our knowledge and experience to implement methods that have been tested and proven to work. We have observed working fast to increase website traffic, optimize conversions and boost sales. Our experience shows us precisely what works in SEO. Our clients reduce costs and get more rapid results.

Why Partner with Leadnatic?

Leadnatic is an all-inclusive Internet marketing company that collaborates with you to create the ideal combination of marketing online -from email marketing and SEO-based websites for results that can move the needle.

Top SEO Expert Advice

Our Leadnatic Team is by your side to give you the best guidance and assistance to help your company succeed in the current fast-paced world.

Additional Web Registration

At Leadnatic, we take care of the entirety of your business online and provide website design, hosting, and digital marketing training in addition to SEO services.

SEO Friendly Content

Our experts can help you create web content for your company website that will be highly ranked for keywords relevant to your business within your field, ensuring that prospective customers can find you easily.

Integrated Marketing

At Leadnatic, we’ll take care of your SEO and social media marketing needs and email marketing and PR, all in one place so that you don’t have to think about it.

Target Keywords

A targeted keyword is a phrase or phrase that people search for your website on search engines. Identifying your keyword of choice is our primary and most crucial step in moving your website higher in the search results.

Linking Opportunities

After analyzing your website’s link profile, we find high-quality, new, and reliable links from external websites. This improves your site’s authority, thereby increasing the search engine ranking of your site.

Google Tag Manager

With the help of Google Tag Manager, we can insert code snippets into your URLs which allow analysis, tracking, and reporting by third parties., and report. We will guide you on how to use the platform so you can ensure that the codes you have used are properly implemented.

Site Structuring

Improving the structure of your website, so that search engines be aware of which pages on your website are the most important will make it simpler to rank. This will result in the highest quality of traffic to your website and increase sales.


A blog article, landing page with a video or infographic, or even a presentation – are only a handful of pieces of content that form the heart of the SEO project. We’ll create an effective content strategy that will determine your company’s global position in your industry.

On-Page Optimisation

With a focus on internal linking, content, and sitemaps, we’ll examine and improve each web page on your website. This will assist you in competing in highly competitive markets and determining the relevance of your targeted keywords.

Grow Your Business with Leadnatic

Build your brand with our SEO marketing services to gain competitive edge and stay on the edge.

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Leadnatic is a trusted full-stack B2B marketing agency that helps businesses to scale and accelerate lead generation though tailored digital marketing campaigns.

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